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24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT Marichjhapi (2K / color+b&w / 90min / India) NO 13
PRODUCTION Little Lamb Films Pvt. Ltd
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Considered a trailblazer in Indian advertising filmmaking, Bauddhayan Mukherji, aka Buddy, was born and raised in Calcutta.
In 2010, Bauddhayan directed the ‘Bell Bajao’ campaign which went on to win the prestigious Silver Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2010; the Oscars of advertising. He also became the first Indian filmmaker to win two back to back One Show merits in New York and back to back Spikes Asia Golds in Singapore. In 2015, the Filaria Free India campaign for Sabin Vaccine Institute won him another Silver Lion at Cannes Health, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015.
In 2013, Bauddhayan ventured into feature films and he has directed two of India’s most awarded and internationally acclaimed films, under his own banner of Little Lamb Films – Teenkahon (Three Obsessions) (2014) in Bengali, and The Violin Player (2016) in Hindi. These have been screened at film festivals in Zurich, Sao Paulo, Cork, New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Jecheon, Melbourne, and others.
A poet and a filmmaker herself, Monalisa heads the feature film division of Little Lamb Films and has been instrumental in producing two of India’s most critically acclaimed films over the last few years, Teenkahon (Three Obsessions) (Bauddhayan Mukherji, 2014) and The Violin Player (Bauddhayan Mukherji, 2016). Together, the films have screened at over 90 film festivals and have garnered more than 50 awards and nominations. The Violin Player (2016) even won Best Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival 2016.

Founded by the husband and wife duo of Bauddhayan and Monalisa Mukherji, Little Lamb Films came to life in 2007.
Over the past 12 years, Little Lamb Films has produced 2 feature films and more than 400 television commercials, documentaries, long format digital films and PSAs.
Little Lamb Films is currently busy producing its first full length documentary, Charaiveti, and has just completed principal photography for their next Bengali feature film.
In January 1979, the refugees of Marichjhapi wake up to find police boats surrounding their island. Over the next 3 months, the refugees are tear-gassed, their huts, fisheries and tube-wells destroyed, the women raped, houses burnt, and they are fired at in the middle of night.
And through all of this - relationships flourish, love blossoms, and hope is born time and again in Marichjhapi.
Shaktipodo Mondal, the school teacher and face of their refugee organization, feels the brunt of the government’s betrayal. He holds himself responsible for the pain inflicted on his fellow settlers. He initially fights back, organizes armed retaliation, but in the end loses his mind and his life.
Nanibala Sarkar is heavily pregnant when she comes to Marichjhapi. Tagging along is her seven-year-old, Kanto. With food becoming scarcer, Nanibala sleeps with someone to get a bowl of rice, and boils grass to feed her son. Their saga is a heart-wrenching one of hunger and survival. Nanibala is raped and killed; Kanto goes on to survive the massacre.
Ranjan Bali follows his lady-love, Meni, to Marichjhapi from Mana Camp and in the midst of tragedy their love blossoms. But Meni is killed by the police while trying to swim across the river to get supplies. To his horror, Ranjan discovers that Meni’s body is being taken to the tiger reserve to be fed to the tigers.
In this gut-wrenching saga of human existence, the government finally declares Marichjhapi free of refugees after months of ruthlessness.
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