6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT Black Sheep (4K / color / 105min / China) NO 4
PRODUCTION Beijing Sun-Youth Film Co., Ltd.
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Luo Bin’s feature film, Nai River (2013), was selected at more than ten film festivals, including Salento International Film Festival 2013, and won the JBM prize at Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival 2013. The director was honored to participate in the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents project in 2015, and Jackie Chan’s project, New Talent Camp, in 2016 and 2017. Screenplays The Buds and Kung Fu Tea were selected in the first round of the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab 2017 and at International Film Festival Rotterdam CineMart 2017. Black Sheep won a Best Young Directors’ Projects Prize from the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Film Fund in 2018.
Liang Haipeng graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and studied film production at Beijing Film Academy from 2014 to 2015. He was producer of the film Nai River (Luo Bin, 2013), which won the JBM Award at Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival 2013 and the Best Actress Award at Salento International Film Festival 2013.
Dofen is a stubborn ‘black sheep’, always misunderstood.

His fruit-selling father, Dahe, tries his best to get him into a good school in the south of the developed city, but Dofen wants to transfer to the other side of the city because his mother lives there.

A new fruit supermarket nearby is causing trouble for Dahe’s business, but a fire burns it down. There is evidence to suggest that Dofen was probably the arsonist. The police begin to investigate.

Dahe hears about the evidence, and based on Dofen’s behavior, concludes that his son must be the arsonist. He tells Dofen that he believes in his innocence, but resolves to go to the police station as a scapegoat and confess to the crime. He thinks that being a good father means sacrificing himself for his children.
Back at home and without asking any more questions, he treats Dofen severely, and demands that he admit he was the arsonist, which makes Dahe feel better.

They are forced to move to the other side of the city. Dofen begins a new life as he grows...
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