6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT Golden (4K / color / 120min / Philippines) NO 10
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
JP Habac (Jaime Habac Jr.) is a filmmaker from the Philippines. He studied film at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. He is also an alumnus of the Asian Film Academy, International Documentary Masterclass – Serbia, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Fantastic Film School, and Generation Campus – Moscow.
His films have been screened and have won awards at major local and international film festivals, including Cairo International Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Cinemanila International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, and Bogotá Short Film Festival. His feature film project in development, Teatro Cajetilla, was selected for the first Southeast Asian Film Lab at Singapore International Film Festival 2014.
His critically acclaimed first feature film, I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017), had its commercial release in February 2017.
Omar Sortijas has produced several Filipino films over the past years, one of which, Die Beautiful (Jun Lana, 2016), won the Audience Choice and Best Actor Awards at Tokyo International Film Festival 2016. One of his most recent projects, Waiting for Sunset (Carlo Catu, 2018), won Best Film at Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2018, and he is currently the Creative Director of TBA Studios.

Producer Daphne O. Chiu studied filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television in 2008. She has produced various movie projects and her passion for filmmaking continues today, working as an in-house producer, and Executive Vice President and General Manager of TBA Studios.
After wrapping up the historical biopic Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (Jerrold Tarog, 2018), she took a break from producing and focused on company operations. She is currently developing a couple of projects, including Golden (in development) to be directed by JP Habac.

TBA Studios is an independent film production company dedicated to making high quality films and promoting Filipino filmmakers worldwide. TBA made a mark in the local industry by producing the award-winning, critically acclaimed box-office hit and highest grossing historical film in the Philippines, Heneral Luna (Jerrold Tarog, 2015).
Fresh from Japan, Amparo – is excited to see all her gay senior friends whom she hasn’t seen for so many years now. As she comes home, she’s surprised to find the house locked, and the Golden Lolas are not there.
Amparo searches for them one by one. She finds Rica, Noelito, Alicia, Beni, Lola Rey, Mon, and all of the other homeless Lolas. Now that they are reunited, they are faced with the real problem – where will they stay? Amparo tells them that maybe it’s time for them to go back to performing, to relive their drag queen days, but the worried Lolas tell her that they’re aging, going deaf, sickly, and dying. Amparo tells them that they will never achieve anything if they won’t even try!
And so, the training begins.
In one of their shows, they are able to impress a rich, old designer. The designer promises to give them a home, but that hope is dashed as they are turned away when they later visit the rich designer.
More problems arise; Rica is diagnosed with osteoporosis, Amparo finds out that she has prostate cancer, and their funds are going nowhere. The Lolas are becoming hopeless. One day, they receive terrible news. Their old home is burning. While the house burns, a news network appears and sees the Lolas at the fire.
Days pass and they continue performing, hoping they can still earn enough money for a new home. To their surprise, the newswoman, along with the owner of a huge gay bar, tells them that they’re planning to do a big fundraising event for the Golden Lolas, to find them a home, perhaps. No promises, but it will surely be great exposure.
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