6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT The Child (HD / color / 100min / Korea) NO 6
PRODUCTION Youn Pictures, Studio HOHO
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Kang Donghun graduated from Korea National University of Arts. His films have been invited to, and won awards at, numerous film festivals, both domestic and international, including International Film Festival Rotterdam with shorts After Shaving (2002), Good Night (2009), and Love in Basket (2011). His first feature, Pray (2018), was invited to Busan International Film Festival 2018.
PRODUCER - Jung Youn
Jung Youn graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts. She was a line producer on Sisters on the Road (Boo Jiyoung, 2008) and producer of short film My Little Sister (Park Heungsik, 2011), and feature films Go, Stop, Murder (Kim Joonkwon, 2014), which was invited to Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2013, and Pray (Kang Donghun, 2018), invited to Busan International Film Festival 2018 and a co-production between Youn Pictures and Studio HOHO.
Choi Soojin, a 30-year-old nurse’s aide working for an Asian medical clinic, lives with her 8-year-old daughter, Jieun. Soojin would do anything for her daughter. A few years ago, Jieun’s older brother was attacked and killed by a dog. Soojin’s harsh life as a single mom began as a result of that tragic accident, which tore apart her family. Now Jieun is growing up and attending elementary school, and Soojin is going to marry Kim Jaehan, 38 years old, the chief doctor at the clinic where she works. Finally, Soojin can begin to dream about her own happiness again. However, Soojin’s dream doesn’t last long. Jieun disappears all of a sudden. Soojin searches for her daughter everywhere, but fails to find Jieun. Just as Soojin is about to report her missing daughter to the police, Jieun returns home without a word. Although Jieun doesn’t usually talk a lot, it seems very odd to Soojin that Jieun won’t speak at all after her short disappearance. The next day, Soojin learns that there are other children missing from the neighborhood. Her anxiety increases because the missing children had been bullying Jieun before they went missing. Her worst fears become reality when an eyewitness reports to the police that the missing children were seen with Jieun on the day they disappeared. Soojin and Jieun are questioned by the police, but both remain silent and the investigation stalls. Then Soojin receives a mysterious phone call from a man named Kim Seok, who maintains the water purifier at her clinic. He threatens her with a video clip which shows the missing children being savaged and eaten by dogs, and it appears that Jieun is somehow able to control the dogs. Soojin tries to hide Jieun′s terrifying secret in every possible way, but cannot help feeling fearful of her own daughter. After the serial incidents linked to Jieun’s secret ability, Soojin has to accept that she is incapable of handling her daughter. Soojin is forced to make a decision, both for her daughter and herself.
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