6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT Good Day (HD / color / 100min / Korea) NO 11
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
As well as making movies, Kim Mooyoung also creates research-based media art, which is being exhibited in several countries. After three short films, Slow Day (2010), concrete (2012), and Land without People (2016), he directed his first feature film, night light (2018), which was invited to Busan International Film Festival 2018 and Seoul Independent Film Festival 2018.
With production company Void Space, Kim Mooyoung produces all of his own films.
Che-hyun (29), who works in an automated factory, has feelings for Won-sik (28), who works in the transportation section of the same factory. Won-sik also has feelings for Che-hyun and wants to get close to her. Che-hyun has been living such a lonely life, with almost no one to call a friend. She finds relationships with other people exhausting, and thinks that life without people is more comfortable than life with people. Won-sik tries to get to know her but she resists his advances. Sung-Min (68), Che-hyun’s father, calls her and explains that he wants to relocate her mother’s remains, currently buried up in the mountains, to a cemetery for cremations in the city. Che-hyun is opposed to her father’s wishes, but he tells her that her aunt, Mi-hee (55), the figure whom Che-hyun most respects in life, agrees with the plan. Che-hyun is confused about her feelings regarding moving her mother’s grave. She talks about it with her oldest hometown friend, Min-jung (30), who also agrees with her father. Che-hyun is disappointed in Min-jung because she expected Min-jung to support her no matter what. Che-hyun argues with Min-jung and hurts her, their relationship becoming cold and awkward. Shortly after arguing with Min-jung, Won-sik asks Che-hyun out and she impulsively agrees. Won-sik and Che-hyun have a wonderful date, and Che-hyun begins to think that Won-sik might be the one to rescue her from her isolation. Che-hyun changes her mind and agrees to allow her mother’s remains to be moved. But she receives a call from a hospital explaining that her father has been seriously injured in a fight in a job center for manual laborers. While preparing to move her mother’s remains in place of her father, Che-hyun accidentally learns that her mother had an affair with the pastor in her hometown, and does not know how to deal with this information. She calls Min-jung repeatedly, who does not answer her phone. A week before her mother’s remains are due to be relocated, Won-sik suddenly disappears.
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