6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT The Moon is a Father of Mine (4K / color / 100min / Georgia, France, Hungary) NO 16
PRODUCTION Wagonnet Films, Arizona Productions, Focusfox, 42film GmbH
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
George Ovashvili is a Georgian director, writer and producer. He is a graduate from the film department of the Georgian State Institute of Cinema and Theatre (1996) and the course of filmmaking of The New York Film Academy of Universal Studio in Hollywood (2006). He made his debut with two short films Wagonnet (1997) and Eye Level (2005). His first feature film, The Other Bank (2009) premiered in Generation at the Berlin International Film Festival 2009 and won over 50 international prizes. His second feature Corn Island (2014) won the Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014 and was shortlisted for the Academy Awards’s best foreign language film in 2015. Khibula (2017) ended the trilogy of long features, dedicated to the recent history of director’s home country. Film premiered in the main competition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017.
Wagonnet Films(www.wagonnetfilms.com) was founded recently by the producer, director and writer - George Ovashvili and his partners. Wagonnet Films was registered on the base of previous George Ovashvili companies - George Ovashvili Productions and Alamdary Films, which means it is legal successor of the following long feature films: The Other Bank (George Ovashvili, 2009), Corn Island (George Ovashvili, 2014), Khibula (George Ovashvili, 2017).

Arizona Productions, Paris based, is led by Guillaume de Seille to mainly coproduce art-house feature films directed by non-French emerging talents. Benedicte Thomas is handling domestic theatrical French distribution for most of the coproduced titles.
A dark, dark man (Adilkhan Yerzhanov, 2019, Kazakhstan) was selected at San Sebastian International Film Festival 2019.
Oleg (Juris Kursietis, 2019, Latvia) screened at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2019.

Focusfox was established in 1994, since then we are doing post-production for local and foreign commercials, features and we worked on several American films.
In 2013 we started to do co-productions, amongst them the US thriller Open Grave (Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, 2013), Corn Island (George Ovashvili, 2014, Whatever happened to Timi (Attila Herczeg, 2014), Strangled (Arpad Sopsits, 2016), It’s Not the Time of My Life (Szabolcs Hajdu, 2016), Genesis (Arpad Bogdan, 2018) etc.

42Film GmbH was founded in 2004 and it’s based in Halle, Germany. The production company is leaded by Christoph Kukula and Eike Goreczka. 42Film produced Piggies (Robert Glinski, 2009), Zero (Gyula Nemes, 2015), Family Film (Olmo Omerzu, 2015), as well as Corn Island (George Ovashvili, 2014). Recent co-productions include Aga (Milko Lazarov, 2018), Lemonade (Ioana Uricaru, 2018) and Nationalstraße (Stepan Altrichter, 2019).
Twelve-year-old Toma lives with his grandmother in Tbilisi. He keeps getting in trouble in school where he fights the bullies that taunt him for his affection for Anana.
Then Toma’s father Nemo visits him after a ten-year absence.
Nemo wants to get to know his son and takes him to his ancestral village in the mountains where they set out on a hunting trip. Nemo wants to teach his son the most important thing in life: being independent. Toma wants to know why his father left him and his mother and Nemo tells what happened in the mountains: when Nemo was a forester he killed a man.
Through ups and downs Toma slowly starts to feel a connection to his surly father and he finds out that they are more alike than he expected. Just when Toma is about to accept his father, Toma accidentally shoots Nemo in what looks like a hunting accident high up in the mountains.
Toma is burdened with the task to stay alive and take his father’s corpse back to civilization. Toma carries his father down the mountain. He has to fend off wolves, battle snowstorm and chase away the demons that visit him in his nightmares.
Just when he is about to give up, Toma is found, having reached the village succeeds. Back at school the attitude of his bullies and Anana show that Toma is changing from a boy into a man that is not unlike his father.
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