6-8 October 2019

24th Asian Project Market

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PROJECT Moon Chasers (HD / color / 120min / Korea) NO 15
PRODUCTION Sanai Pictures
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
After graduating from the Department of Film Arts at Sejong University, Kim Jinhwang also graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts with a degree in directing. He directed numerous short films, such as The Ordinary Moment (2012), A and B (2012), Curtain Call (2014), and Mrs. Hwang (2014). His full-length film debut, The Boys Who Cried Wolf (2015), was about a former theatrical actor who made money through impersonations and who is caught up in a case after being hired as a fake witness. It was well received for its detailed direction and as a deeply introspective study of lies and silence; winning the Directors Guild of Korea Award at Busan International Film Festival 2015 and the Best New Director Award at Chunsa Film Art Awards 2017.
Han Jaeduk, producer of The Unjust (Ryoo Seungwan, 2010) and Nameless Gangster (Yoon Jong-bin, 2012), established Sanai Pictures and was executive producer on its founding work, New World (Park Hoon-jung, 2013). Since then he has made an indelible mark on the Korean crime action genre, producing eight more films; Man in Love (Han Dong-wook, 2014), The Shameless (Oh Seung-uk, 2015), The Tiger (Park Hoon-jung, 2015), A Violent Prosecutor (Lee Il-hyung, 2016), Asura (Kim Sung-su, 2016), The Sheriff in Town (Kim Hyungjoo, 2017), The Spy Gone North (Yoon Jong-bin, 2018), and Money (Park Noori, 2019). He depicts the world of men in its various forms, true to the production company’s name (‘Sanai’ meaning ‘tough guy’ in Korean), and produces quality in terms of both critical and box office success; films such as The Shameless (Oh Seung-uk, 2015) and The Spy Gone North (Yoon Jong-bin, 2018) having entered Cannes Film Festival, and works such as A Violent Prosecutor (Lee Il-hyung, 2016) attracting an audience of over 9 million.
Horyung is an unknown author until his novel ‘Night Travel’ becomes a bestseller. Critics describe the book as a sensitive portrayal of the life of an unfortunate woman as told through the eyes of a young man, and it seems that he is destined for big things.
But one day, the body of Bae Seoktae, husband of Moonyoung and a drug dealer being pursued by Detective Park, is discovered. He was murdered, and Detective Park, who had been on his tail, focuses his investigation on his wife. Moonyoung, now a prime suspect in the murder case, has disappeared. Through Detective Min, who has newly joined the investigation, Detective Park learns that the case strongly resembles the storyline in ‘Night Travel’, the book written by Horyung. Detective Park’s search for Moonyoung soon leads him to suspect that Horyung is indeed connected to the case. Bae Mintae learns of the death of his older brother, Bae Seoktae. Mintae, who was once a gangster, is enraged over the death of his only brother. He determines to have his revenge when he learns that Moonyoung, who disappeared after his brother’s death, and the novelist, Horyung, are involved.
As the murder in his novel seems to have happened for real, Horyung searches for his muse, Moonyoung, who has vanished; Detective Park, suspicious of Horyung, also pursues Moonyoung as his prime suspect; and Mintae hunts for Moonyoung to avenge his brother’s murder; three men chasing the same woman, each with his own objectives and beliefs.
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