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Project The Survivor No. 17
Director KIM Seungwoo
Country Korea
Producer NAM Sora
Production Company To be determined
Writer KIM Seungwoo
Genre Drama / Thriller
Running time 110′
Project StatusScript Development / Financing
Director’s Profile
Kim Seungwoo worked as production staff on Traces of Love (Kim Dae-seung, 2006) and Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong, 2007). His directorial debut, feature Bring Me Home (2019), was invited to numerous international film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival 2019, and won Best Picture in the Orient Express category at Fantasporto-Oporto International Film Festival 2020, where lead actress, Lee Young-ae, was also awarded Best Actress during Directors Week. Lee Young-ae won a further Best Actress prize at Chunsa Film Art Awards 2020.
Producer’s Profile
Producer Nam Sora worked as production staff on Crying Fist (Ryoo Seung-wan, 2005), When Romance Meets Destiny (Kim Hyun-seok, 2005), and Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong, 2007), as an investment manager on Life Risking Romance (Song Min-kyu, 2016), and on the development of Bring Me Home (Kim Seungwoo, 2019).
After a storm passes through the Korean peninsula, suitcases containing five bodies are uncovered…
A girl, barefoot, bloodied and out of breath, enters a local police station. Her name is Ji-soo and she has barely managed to escape from a serial killer. However, she has completely lost her memory. Detective Moon-gu seeks help from veteran psychologist, Jung-yeon. Jung-yeon has been treating patients with food therapy, whilst hiding her own trauma at losing a daughter. While Jung-yeon attempts to heal her, the merciless killer hunts Ji-soo and her memories.
It’s Ji-soo and Jung-yeon, chasing lost memories and a mysterious killer, versus the murderer who once again hunts Ji-soo.
Do-hyung, the murderer, discovers Ji-soo’s identity through the video blog of a former detective who uses true crime stories to boost his popularity., Do-Hyung fires up his efforts to track down the girl. Meanwhile, Ji-soo and Jung-yeon draw closer to identifying him. However, Ji-soo is captured by Do-hyung, and a life or death countdown begins.
Director’s Statement
The Survivor is a well-constructed thriller full of suspenseful moments. It is the story of a victim of a crime, the hypnotist who tries to help her, and the murderer who hunts her, while the police try to pin down the elusive suspect from the victim’s memories.
It is also the story of a victim reclaiming her self-respect and finding meaning in life by battling against the guilt of survival and a threatening world.
Through powerful drama and emotional twists, the film will demonstrate that ‘The Survivor’ refers not to the faces of those whose lives were lost, but rather to the elated faces of survivors, which the deceased victims surely long to see.
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