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Project A Thousand Years Together No. 19
Director AHN Jaehuun
Country Korea
Producer HAN Seunghoon
Production Company Meditation With A Pencil
Writer AHN Jaehuun / PARK Jiyeon
Genre Fantasy Drama
Running time 85′
Project StatusPost-production Prepare
Director’s Profile
Ahn Jaehuun directed animated short, One Day in Hitchcock (1998), followed by medium-length animated drama, Innocent Joy (2000), original video animation Sorry, I Love You (2006), and the animated TV series Winter Sonata (2009).
With his debut theatrically released animation, Green Days (Han Hye-jin, Ahn Jaehuun, 2011), he took his first steps into dealing with themes of the past, present and future of Korea.
He then directed animated adaptations of popular Korean short stories, The Road Called Life (2014), The Shower (2017), and The Shaman Sorceress (2020), which were released in theaters and produced alongside re-releases of the original works, with the aim of attracting fans of the books since childhood, as well as expanding to reach new audiences.
Currently he is producing A Thousand Years Together, which represents the “present” of Korea.
Producer’s Profile
′Meditating with a Pencil′ was the first company in Korea to produce animations under the name of a studio. From film (cell), 2D digital work and 3D, all are utilized in the production process to achieve as completely as possible the vision and intentions of the work.
The company has expanded its audience through animation across various formats, including OVA, commercials, and TV series, and at the same time has established a highly effective system for solving problems caused by conflicts between tight production schedules and the necessity for quality animation.

Producer Han Seunghoon strives to make animations that people really ‘want to see in the theater’, to achieve commercial success, through production systems and various infrastructure and networks, but distinct from Hollywood or Japanese animation, which already has its place in the hearts and memories of Korean and global audiences, to create a uniquely different theatrical experience.
2011 : Green Days (Han Hye-jin, Ahn Jaehuun, 2011)
2012 : Ofmom (2012)
2014 : The Road Called Life (Han Hye-jin, Ahn Jaehuun, 2014)
2016 : The street on that street (Ahn Jaehuun, 2016)
2017 : The Shower (Ahn Jaehuun, 2017)
2020 : The Shaman Sorceress (Ahn Jaehuun, 2017)
A Thousand Years Together (Ahn Jaehuun)
Cheongdan, stuck in a career totally unrelated to her likes, knowledge or aptitudes since childhood, now has to make a decision. Out of habit, Cheongdan says, "I want to die, should I just die?" But they are empty words; just sounds that anyone might utter when in difficulty.
However, one day, in one moment, a connection is made between Cheongdan and the death of another young twentysomething, named Yoon Seul (Yoona), who had clear goals and great focus in her life, in complete contrast to Cheongdan. Faced with continual frustration, a hole has formed in Cheongdan′s heart, and the remorse of the dead comes to fill the void.
On that day, Cheongdan unwittingly opens a door between the world of the present and the afterworld, known as “Shim”; a realm that only the dead can enter. There, Cheongdan comes across a large ginkgo tree, on the Jeongdong-road, with a wound that has been filled with cement. Seeing the wounded tree, Cheongdan sheds tears without even knowing it, and inadvertently makes contact with the spirit of the ‘Undertaker’ Jang, who tends to the dead in both the present world and the afterworld, and who was spending the day resting within the tree. In that moment, the spirit sees for the first time into the mind of a human, whom he had previously only thought about in his professional capacity.
The realm that Cheongdan has opened, “Shim”, is a place where one can hear the dead. In this place, as soon as a life leaves its mortal body, the spirit of Kokdu, which has been a companion of the living all their lives, takes on wooden form and accompanies them as they travel on the path of the afterlife. Eventually, Cheongdan is neither dead nor alive, due to the sorrow of the young woman, Yoon Seul, who has somehow permeated her being and become a part of her. Cheongdan’s life is in danger of amounting to nothing, but forced to think about death and life in ways she has never considered before, Cheongdan determines to change things.
Director’s Statement
Death. Everyone is afraid. However, you cannot live in constant anxiety, or spend your days worrying over when, where or how your death will inevitably occur. All the same, I think that if I knew exactly where I was in my life currently, in relation to the time of my death, I might be able to live with more strength.
This is a movie which encourages me to think about the real meaning of life, that each and every day should be lived to the fullest, and reminds me, completely alone in the world as we all are, that I should try to get along better each day.
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