5-8 OCTOBER 2024
Asian Project Market

2024 Guideline

2024 Guideline
Application Date 2 – 31 May 2024, 18:00 (KST)
Event Date 5 – 8 October 2024
Asian feature-length fiction film project of in any stage of production (script development, pre-production, production or post-production stage)
  • - Project which is supposed to be completed before the APM 2024 is not eligible.
  • - Only those projects not fully financed are eligible.
  • - Director and producer should be attached.
  • - Director of the project must have an experience in directing at least one short or feature film before.
  • - Producer of the project must have an experience in producing at least one feature film before.
Applicant must be the copyright holder or must have the authority on behalf of the copyright holder to submit the project.
Online Submission Fill out the APM online application form in English.
  • ※ In case of having difficulties to access the application page, please contact APM.
Required Materials (Details of Online Application)
Project Information (Title, Expected Date of Completion, Language, Estimated Running Time, Production Country/Region, Format, Genre, Project Status, Budget Plan)
Logline - Up to 100 words
Synopsis - Up to 400 words in full sentences
Director's Statement - Up to 300 words in full sentences
Producer’s Statement - Up to 300 words in full sentences including financial plan
Production Schedule Sample
Director's Profile & Filmography
Producers and Production Company’s Profile & Filmography
  • - 5 to 8 pages, PDF format
  • - It should be a summary of script wrote in sentences.
  • - Project pitching materials are NOT acceptable.
Director’s previous work (up to 3 films)
  • - Online link is only acceptable and should be available until August.
  • - English subtitle is required for non-English work.
  • - In case of in production or post-production’s projects, rough cut or first cut is acceptable.
  • - Trailers, music videos, or commercials are NOT acceptable
A note Providing Explanation of the Changes
  • - For resubmitted projects
  • - Up to 300 words
Benefits for Selected Projects
Representatives - a director and/or producer(s) of the project will be Officially invited to APM. *Round-trip flight and accommodations will be arranged by APM.
Selected projects will be provided platform for one-on-one meetings with film industry professionals.
Selected projects will automatically be nominated for APM Awards.
Obligations of Selected Projects
During the four days of APM, project representatives will be required to attend business meetings and events organized by APM.
Once a project wins any of the APM awards, the project should put the logos of Busan IFF and APM in the credits.
Project should continue to share the project status with APM after the participation.
All notifications will be sent only via email. Please ensure that you provide the correct and operational email address at all times. In case you change your contact email, please inform us immediately.
After submitting the online application, you will receive a confirmation email from APM. Please note that you will be able to review or edit your application until the deadline, as confirmed upon receipt of submission.
An applicant can submit multiple projects. However, APM will select only one project from the same director, producer, or production.
You can resubmit your project if there are significant changes. Please ensure that you clearly outline the changes in the 'A note Providing Explanation of the Changes' section of the application form.
Incomplete applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria or adhere to the stated rules may be excluded from consideration without prior notice.
APM does not disclose or publish any comments or opinions on individual candidate projects.
Selected projects will have to submit additional materials requested by APM, such as publication materials and pitching videos.
Please ensure that you submit the application form before the deadline, as applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered.
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