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25th Asian Project Market

2017 Project

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20th Asian Project Market

  • Date
    October 15 - 17 2017 (3 days)
  • Meeting Place
    Hall 4D·4E·4F, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO, Busan
  • Selected Projects
    28 projects
  • Meeting Report
    645 project meetings with 132 industry companies
  • Completed Projects
    12 projects
  • APM 2017 Awards

    AwardProject|Director(s)|Producer(s)|Production Country(s)
    • Busan Award GLORIOUS ASHES l BUI Thac Chuyen l TRAN Thi Bich Ngoc l Vietnam
    • Bright East Films Award Revenge l LI Xiaofeng l SHEN Yi l China
    • CJ Entertainment Award Humba Dreams l Riri RIZA l Mira LESMANA l Indonesia *Completed in 2019
    • LOTTE Award GASOLINE l OH Seung-uk l HAN Jae-duk l Korea
    • KOCCA Award The House of Us (aka. Sora) l YOON Ga-eun l KIM Jihye l Korea *Completed in 2019
    • ARTE International Prize Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous l Wissam CHARAF l Charlotte VINCENT l France, Lebanon *Completed in 2022
    • Sørfond Award A Year of Cold l Min Bahadur BHAM l Catherine DUSSART, Anna KATCHKO, Min Bahadur BHAM l Nepal, France, Germany
    • MONEFF Award GASOLINE l OH Seung-uk l HAN Jae-duk l Korea