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Asian Project Market


16th Asian Project Market

  • Date October 7 - 10 2013 (4 days)
  • Meeting Place Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO, Busan
  • Selected Projects 30 projects
  • Meeting Report 550 project meetings with 134 industry companies
  • Completed Projects 15 project

APM 2013 Awards

APM 2013 Awards
Award Project Director(s) Producer(s) Country/Region
Busan Award Illang: The Wolf Brigade (aka Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade) KIM Jee-woon KIM Lewis Tae-wan Korea *Completed in 2018
CJ Entertainment Award Samuel over the Rainbow Benito BAUTISTA Emma FRANCISCO, Antony DY, Hendrik KIAMSON Philippines
LOTTE Award Virus (aka OTS Virus Project) KANG Yi Kwan JUNG Chang-hoon Korea
PanStar Cruise Award Have a Nice Trip! LEE Seo SK KANG Korea, China
KOCCA Award End of Animal Eron SHEEAN Michael WRENN, Paul YI Australia
Technicolor Asia Award (Sex) Appeal Wang Wei-ming HSU Hsiao-ming Taiwan *Completed in 2016
ARTE International Prize Exotic Pictures Edwin Lorna TEE, Joost DE VRIES, Meiske TAURISIA Indonesia, Netherlands, Germany
Funding 21 Award Gyeongju ZHANG Lu NA Gyeong-chan Korea *Completed in 2014
Creative Director Award While the Women Are Sleeping Wayne WANG KITO Yukie Japan *Completed in 2016