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25th Asian Project Market

2013 Project

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16th Asian Project Market

  • Date
    October 7 - 10 2013 (4 days)
  • Meeting Place
    Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO, Busan
  • Selected Projects
    30 projects
  • Meeting Report
    550 project meetings with 134 industry companies
  • Completed Projects
    15 projects
  • APM 2013 Awards

    AwardProjectDirector(s)|Producer(s)|Production Country(s)
    • Busan Award Illang: The Wolf Brigade (aka. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade) l Kim Jee-woon l KIM Lewis Tae-wan l Korea *Completed in 2018
    • CJ Entertainment Award Samuel over the Rainbow l Benito Bautista l Emma FRANCISCO, Antony DY, Hendrik KIAMSON l Philippines
    • LOTTE Award Virus (aka. OTS Virus Project) l Kang Yi-kwan l Jenny KIM l Korea
    • PanStar Cruise Award Have a Nice Trip! l Lee Seo l SK KANG l Korea
    • KOCCA Award End of Animal l Eron Sheean l Michael WRENN, Paul YI l Australia
    • Technicolor Asia Award (Sex) Appeal l Wang Wei-ming l HSU Hsiao-ming l Taiwan, Hong Kong(China) *Completed in 2016
    • ARTE International Prize Exotic Pictures l Edwin l Lorna TEE, Joost DE VRIES, Meiske TAURISIA l Indonesia, Netherlands, Germany
    • Funding 21 Award Gyeongju l Zhang Lu l NA Gyeong-chan l Korea *Completed in 2014
    • Creative Director Award While the Women Are Sleeping l Wayne Wang l KITO Yukie l Japan *Completed in 2016