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25th Asian Project Market

2014 Project

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17th Asian Project Market

  • Date
    October 6 - 8 2014 (3 days)
  • Meeting Place
    Hall 4, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO, Busan
  • Selected Projects
    30 projects
  • Meeting Report
    550 project meetings with 143 industry companies
  • Completed Projects
    12 projects
  • APM 2014 Awards

    AwardProject|Director(s)|Producer(s)|Production Country(s)
    • Busan Award FULL-MOON PARTY l PHAN Dang Di l TRAN Thi Bich Ngoc, PHAN Dang Di l Vietnam
    • Heyi Film & Youku Tudou Award Jinpa (aka. The Killer) l Pema TSEDEN l WONG Kar Wai, Sangye GYAMTSO l China *Completed in 2018
    • CJ Entertainment Award A Copy of My Mind l Joko ANWAR l JEONG Tae-sung, Tia HASIBUAN, Uwie BALFAS l Indonesia, Korea *Completed in 2015
    • LOTTE Award Dora l July JUNG l KIM Jiyeon l Korea
    • KOCCA Award Blue Sunset l SHIN Suwon l Francis LIM l Korea, Australia, France
    • ARTE International Prize Diamond Island l Davy CHOU l CharLOTTE VINCENT l Cambodia, France, Germany, Thailand, Qatar *Completed in 2016
    • Funding 21 Award UNEXCHANGEABLE l ROH Gyeong-tae, LEE Woo l ROH Gyeong-tae, LEE Woo l Korea
    • MONEFF Award SIXTY NINE l ZHANG Chi l HU Guipu, YANG Wei, Angie HENLE, ZHANG Chi l China
    • Creative Director Award Clair Obscur l Yesim USTAOGLU l Yesim USTAOGLU, Marianne SLOT, Titus KREYENBERG l Turkey, Germany, Poland, France *Completed in 2016