7-10 OCTOBER 2023
Asian Project Market

2023 Project

The Last Semester Director LEE Ranhee Country/Region Korea
  • Producer SHIN Woonseop, LEE Sejin
  • Production Company Spring Film
  • Writer LEE Ranhee
  • Shooting Format 2K  |  color  |  100min
  • Genre Drama
  • Project Status Financing
  • Goals at APM Financing
  • Total Budget USD 768,226
  • Financing in Place USD 499,347


Can Chang-woo, a vocational high school student, do well enough in his field training during his last semester to succeed in getting a job or entering college?


Chang-woo, a senior at a vocational high school, wants to be recognized by his mother as a good son. He starts field training at a subcontractor for a large company, hoping to solve the problems of getting into college or finding decent employment. While learning about work and human relations from his senior workers, Chang-woo finds himself siding with the non-contract staff, and fails to get into college, secure a job, or deal with the problem of his military service. However, Chang-woo eventually finds a job that he likes and develops a sense of pride in his work. He moves out of his mother’s home in search of a new life.

Director's Statement

What does the labor landscape of the ′Working Poor′ era look like, when viewed by people newly entering the workforce? Aren′t they going to grow into workers with "class consciousness" through sharing in the unstable lives of the working classes, of which they are becoming a part, with an attitude of sympathy? Through the experiences of a vocational high school student who has never had any money and never been academically-minded in his life, I want to convey my pride in those workers who must deal with the contempt and shame of living in an unjust meritocracy.

Producer's Statement

In the past few years, the deaths of vocational high school field trainees and young workers in Korea have been reported in the news. In Korean society, in which all teenagers are supposed to be preparing for college entrance exams, it is regrettable that the only time we think about "vocational high school students" seem to be when there is news of fatalities caused by industrial accidents. Looking at the records of the deaths of field trainees and young workers, I wanted to portray the lives of the young people who were friends or schoolmates of the deceased. I would like to talk about vocational high school teenagers as "living" rather than "dead." I would like to focus on the stories of these fresh-faced teens, just entering society; what they go through upon taking off their uniforms and donning their working clothes, and how they deal with the hidden problems they carry inside.

Director's Profile


Lee Ranhee worked as an actor and coordinator at theater company ‘Han River’ from 1996 to 2003. She is currently working as a film director and actor. Her acting credits include Daytime Drinking (Noh Young-seok, 2008), and The Nature Man (Noh Young-seok, 2022). Her directorial credits include short films A Perm (2010), A Night Before the Wedding (2014), A Tent (2016), and first feature film A Leave (2020), which premiered in the New Currents section at Busan International Film Festival 2020 and screened at other leading domestic and foreign film festivals, winning the Best Feature Award, Self-righteous Man Award, and Independent Star Award (Actor Lee Bongha) at Seoul Independent Film Festival 2020, and the Best Feature Award at Busan Peace Festival 2021.

Producer's Profile

감독사진 감독사진

Shin Woonseop is a theater and film actor and a producer of independent films. He produced short films A Night Before the Wedding (Lee Ranhee, 2014) and A Tent (Lee Ranhee, 2016), and feature film A Leave (Lee Ranhee, 2020). His acting credits include Daytime Drinking (Noh Young-seok, 2008), Futureless Things (Kim Kyungmook, 2014), and The Nature Man (Noh Young-seok, 2022).

Lee Sejin is producer of independent films. She produced feature film The Hill of Wind (Park Suk-young, 2019), A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea (Kim Mi-young, 2021), Where Would You Like to Go? (Kim Hee-jung, 2023).