7-10 OCTOBER 2023
Asian Project Market

2023 Project

For the Girls of the Tribe Director Arsalan AMIRI Country/Region Iraq / Türkiye / Singapore
  • Producer Ida PANAHANDEH, Ruth Yoshie LINTON
  • Production Company Evar Films, Kingyo Films
  • Writer Arsalan AMIRI
  • Shooting Format 4K  |  color  |  120min
  • Genre Black Comedy, Action
  • Project Status Development
  • Goals at APM Financing, Co-production, Distribution, Networking
  • Total Budget USD 1,400,000
  • Financing in Place USD 100,000


Peasants rescue two girls among dozens who were kidnapped. As one girl’s testimony is worth half of a man’s, they both need protection from riflemen to testify against the governor.


A group of rebels attack a village and kidnap dozens of girls. Younus, an opium-addicted singer whose fiancée is among the abducted, joins forces with a small group of peasants. They plead with the government for the release of the girls, but the authorities refuse to help. After carrying out a reckless attack on the local garrison, the group decides to fight the rebels themselves. Although they do foolish things due to their lack of fighting skills, they manage to free two captive girls with the help of a bounty hunter. After hearing what the girls have witnessed, Younus and his comrades realize that their local governor has betrayed them. They decide to take the girls to the ruler to provide their testimony, but the bounty hunter has other plans and is out for Younus′s head.
The men try to reunite one girl with her family, but she tragically commits suicide when they reject her. The governor′s forces kill and imprison several members of the group to stop them from reaching their destination, but Younus and the bounty hunter fight bravely to protect the remaining girl. Alone but hopeful, she manages to meet the ruler, but he refuses to accept the testimony of an illiterate, unmarried peasant girl - according to tradition, a woman’s testimony is only half as valuable as a man’s. More motivated than ever, the girl embarks on yet another journey to free the girls of the tribe.

Director's Statement

Karl Marx said, "Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce." This is the essence of my second feature, which is a “tragicomedy”. In my opinion, we are caught in a tragic farce in the Middle East. However, I don′t want to make an intellectual or political film. Achieving a unique language of visual storytelling is my priority; to make a movie that entertains the audience, while refining their souls. When this drama appears onscreen and catharsis occurs, my restless Middle Eastern soul - stuck in a battle between a chaotic history and an uncertain future - will be revealed throughout.

Producer's Statement

Due to the current situation in the Middle East, filmmakers have faced many difficulties in trying to continue their work. During all this, Arsalan Amiri has persevered as a true artist. He was born to tell stories - this time, it will be a tale about a little-known part of Iran′s history, from a place close to his heart.
His first feature, Zalava (Arsalan Amiri, 2021), was a major success, receiving recognition at Venice Critics’ Week where it won the grand prize, and Venice International Film Festival, where it won the FIPRESCI award. We have every confidence that For the Girls of the Tribe will be even more epic, as Amiri, a brave writer and director, delves even deeper into his Kurdish heritage.

Director's Profile


Arsalan Amiri holds a B.A. in Film Directing from the Art University of Tehran and a Master’s in Dramatic Literature from the University of Tehran. In 2003, He began to produce, write scripts, edit, and make documentaries. His first co-written feature script, Nahid (Ida Panahandeh, 2015), won the Promising Future Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival 2015. He was also co-writer, editor and producer of Israfil (Ida Panahandeh, 2017), The Nikaidos′ Fall (Ida Panahandeh, 2018) in Japan & Hong Kong, and TiTi (Ida Panahandeh, 2020). Amiri directed his first feature film, Zalava (2021) in Kurdistan (Iran) which won the Grand Prize at Venice International Critics’ Week, and the FIPRESCI Award at Venice International Film Festival 2021.

Producer's Profile

감독사진 감독사진

Ida Panahandeh′s work is often about a woman’s place and rights in Iran’s modern society. This includes her debut, Nahid (2015), which premiered in the Un Certain Regards section at Cannes Film Festival 2015 and won the Prix De L’Avenir. TiTi (2020), her fourth feature, has had a successful release in theaters in Iran, attracting more than half a million cinema-goers (and counting).

Ruth Yoshie Linton is a producer and owner of Kingyo Films, a film production company based in Singapore. Her productions include Vision (Naomi Kawase, 2018), starring Juliette Binoche and Masatoshi Nagase, The Nikaidos’ Fall (Ida Panahandeh, 2018) and award-winning Zalava (Arsalan Amiri, 2021), which had its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2021.

Evar Films is a Tehran-based company, founded in 2005 by Ida Panahandeh and Arsalan Amiri. So far, Evar Films has supported more than fifteen films.